Welcome to dental clinic "Vitas laiks"

On August 3, year 2001 dentist Jelena Djacenko founded the dental clinic of her own.

It's been 10 years already since the dental clinic "Vitas laiks" offers dental services of a wide spectrum for ecerybody - adults and children in the very center of Riga, near Old Riga.

The dental clinic was founded when high quality specialists joined together. It was a union of those with remarkable work experience measured in years and the new ones with having good knowledge about the new technologies and treatment approaches.

Clinic today

We use the latest technologies, materials and treatment procedures to be known. The team of our professionals will make sure the treatment procedure is painless and will do their best to make your smile become even more beautiful.


We do perform:

  • professional oral hygiene
  • teeth whitening
  • teeth therapy
  • sealing
  • teeth restoration
  • treatment of root canals
  • prosthetics
  • implantology
  • surgery

Special attention is paid to the children dentistry in our clinic. Our dentists will make sure the procedure is painless, even more - fun and interesting. Why not?

The seashell

Answer to the question: "Why the symbol of your clinic is the seashell?" is as follows - the swirl of a seashell and the name of the clinic "Vitas laiks" (time of the life, in English) means that life goes up, and we always try to reach something new, unexperienced, pure and beautiful. What else could be more pure than a white, shiny and elegant pearl?

The concept

The concept of our clinic is a high quality, individual approach, adequate and affordable price level, pleasent and cozy atmosphere as well as friendly staff.


You are always welcome!

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